TwoDesk Component Library

Note: The TwoDesk Component Library is no longer supported or being actively developed. The library is open source, and is available free for any GPL-compatible use. For non-GPL-compatible uses, you must purchase a license.

The TwoDesk Component Library is a collection of over 100 native VCL components for Borland Delphi versions 5, 6, 7, 2005, and 2006.

Visual Components

These components are all visual components in that they show up as controls when the program is executed. They inherit from TControl or some other control that ultimately inherits from TControl.

Non-Visual Components

These components are non-visual so they don't show up as usable controls for the user. Instead, they provide services or change how other controls or the form behaves at runtime.

Validator Components

Validator components are used to validate data in input fields on the form. Each validator component can validate one control, and there are two controls that will show the validation result to the user, either as a label with the error message or a small graphics symbol.

Threading Components

These components deal with multi-threading in various ways, like making it easy to write multi-threaded applications or communicating between threads.

Licensing Information

The TwoDesk Components are available either under a GPL license, which requires you to release your application under the GPL, or under a commercial license, which is unrestricted. For information about each license and help in choosing which license is right for you, please visit the licensing overview page.


Complete Installation
(v1.0.12.1 - December 28, 2005)

This package includes complete source code, installation binaries, and documentation for the TwoDesk Component Library. This is the recommended package for those who have never used TwoDesk Components. To install, simply run the setup program. It will automatically configure Delphi to use the components.

Source Code Only
(v1.0.12.1 - December 8, 2005)

This package includes only the source code for TwoDesk Components. No binaries, documentation, or automated installer are included. Recommended for advanced users only.

Documentation Only

This package contains the documentation for the TwoDesk Components in HTML Help (CHM) format.

A commercial license for the TwoDesk Component Library may be purchased in our store.

Visual Components

  • TtdPaintBox
  • TtdWizard/TtdWizardPanel
  • TtdConsole
  • TtdStatusBar (with label, clock, key status, progress bar, edit box, combobox, and hint panels)
  • Ttd3DGradientCaption
  • TtdEdit
  • TtdListBox
  • TtdComboBox
  • TtdMemo
  • TtdSpeedEdit
  • TtdSpinEdit
  • TtdDropDownEdit
  • TtdMaskEdit
  • TtdIntegerEdit
  • TtdFloatEdit
  • TtdDirectoryEdit
  • TtdFileEdit
  • TtdLabel
  • TtdCheckBox
  • TtdRadioButton
  • TtdSpinButton
  • TtdMultiSpeedEdit
  • TtdProgressBar
  • TtdSegmentedProgessBar
  • TtdExpandableGroupBox
  • TtdCheckBoxExpandableGroupBox
  • Non-Visual Components

  • TtdRegExp
  • TtdMailslotClient
  • TtdMailslotServer
  • TtdErrorDialog
  • TtdFormBinaryFileCollection
  • TtdHideStrings
  • TtdPatchBuilder
  • TtdPatchApplier
  • TtdLDAPConnection
  • TtdLDAPQuery
  • TtdVersionInformation
  • TtdCheckBoxEnabler
  • TtdManualEnabler
  • TtdThreadEnabler
  • TtdEventBasedEnabler
  • TtdValidatorEnabler
  • TtdWTSSessionChange
  • TtdDataSetToExcel
  • TtdExceptionMapper
  • TtdActiveScriptWrapper
  • TtdINIFileStateStorage
  • TtdFormState
  • TtdComponentsState
  • TtdRegistryStateStorage
  • TtdTrayIcon
  • TtdAnimatedTrayIcon
  • TtdGlobalHotKeys
  • TtdDropFiles
  • TtdStandardDropTarget
  • TtdStringList
  • TtdDoubleBuffered
  • TtdParameters
  • Validator Components

  • TtdValidationLabel
  • TtdValidationImage
  • TtdRequiredValidator
  • TtdRegularExpressionValidator
  • TtdIntegerValidator
  • TtdRangedIntegerValidator
  • TtdFloatValidator
  • TtdAnyValidator
  • TtdEMailAddressValidator
  • TtdFTPAddressValidator
  • TtdUsernameValidator
  • TtdPasswordValidator
  • TtdLengthValidator
  • TtdEventValidator
  • Thread Components

  • TtdThreadWrapper
  • TtdFuture
  • TtdThreadPool
  • TtdThreadCommunicationsQueue
  • TtdThreadCommunicationsStream
  • TtdThreadCommunicationsQueueProxy
  • TtdCriticalSection
  • TtdEvent
  • TtdMutex
  • TtdSemaphore
  • TtdSingleWriterMultipleReaders
  • TtdThreadButton
  • TtdThreadBitBtn
  • TtdThreadSpeedButton
  • TtdTCPIPCommunicationsQueueClient
  • TtdTCPIPCommunicationsQueueServer
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